sleek, sexy and sophisticated

Our most advanced single-serve espresso machine, the Diva’s stylish and compact design is ideal for today’s kitchen.

  • Touch-sensitive, "swipe-to-brew" button for two programmable options
  • 20-bar, high-pressure system that ensures the perfect Italian espresso shot
  • Adjustable height tray to accommodate different sized cups

Espresso Flavors





Trouble Shooting

Problem Cause Solution
The machine will not heat up A) The machine is not connected to the main power B) The machine is not switched on A) Connect the machine to the main power B) Use the ON button to switch on the machine
The machine will not pour coffee C) The capsule is stuck or badly positioned D) A capsule may have fallen into the machine E) There is no water in the tank F) The pipes are blocked with scale C) Unplug the machine from the main power and wait for it to cool down; lift the lever and remove the capsule manually Use a utensil to help in this; never use fingers D) Take out the capsule compartment and check E) Fill the tank with water F) Carry out a scale removal cycle
The coffee is cold G) The machine has not completely heated the water before pouring the coffee H) The cups are cold I ) The thermoblock is partly clogged by scale G) Before pouring coffee, make sure that the two keys are switched on and green (fixed) H) Pre-heat the cup by pouring in some boiling water I) Carry out a scale removal cycle
It is not possible to lower the lever J) The capsule is stuck K) The used capsule container is full J) Take out the capsule by hand and try to reinsert it K) Empty the container
Machine is making too much noise L) There is no water in the tank L) Fill the tank with water


What is the Bialetti I Caff dÕItalia espresso system?

It's Bialetti's single-serve espresso system that includes the Diva machine and I Caff dÕItalia (Coffee of Italy) espresso capsules.

What kind of espresso coffee is available?

There are five authentic espresso flavors available Ð all representing a region of Italy. Milano is our mild roast, 100% Arabica blend. Venezia is a light roast with vanilla accents. Roma is our medium bodied roast with a bold rich taste. And Napoli is our full-bodied, more intense roast. And of course we offer a decaffeinated espresso called Italia Deca.

Where does the espresso come from?

The coffee beans are purchased around the world. Then they are roasted, ground and packed in Italy. ItÕs truly Italian coffee.

What is the coffee's shelf-life?

Bialetti I Caff dÕItalia is packed in aluminum capsules giving the coffee an extended shelf-life Ð up to 2 years.

Where else can I purchase espresso capsules?

Capsules can also be purchases at Bloomingdales stores, and

Does the Diva comes with I Caff dÕItalian espresso capsules?

The machine comes with a starter pack of 10 capsules Ð 2 of each variety.

Does the Diva only work with BialettiÕs I Caff dÕItalia espresso capsules?

The Bialetti Diva was designed for Bialetti I Caff dÕItalia espresso capsules only. No other coffee pods, k-cups or capsules will work.

Does the Diva brew coffee, tea or other coffee beverages?

The Diva is a single-serve espresso machine. It is specifically designed to create an authentic Italian espresso with rich thick cream

WhatÕs the brewing time for a single shot?

For a 2 oz shot about 30 seconds.

What is crema? And why is it important?

The sign of a real espresso is ÒcremaÓ which is the thick creamy foam on top of an espresso shot. Creating crema requires high pressure and good espresso ground coffee.

What does Ò20-Bar pressureÓ mean? And why is it important?

Twenty bars of pressure is equivalent to 290psi (pounds per square inch). High pressure is important to get max extraction of the coffee flavors and thick rich crema.

How long does it take the machine to heat up for first coffee?

Once the machine is turned on, it takes about 60 seconds to heat up and be ready for the first brew.

How many espresso shots can I get on a full tank of water?

The 20 oz tank can make up to 10 2-oz. espresso shots.

Can a capsule brew more than one cup of espresso?

A single 7-gram capsule is designed to brew a single 2 oz. shot of espresso.

Is the coffee capsule packaging recyclable?

The capsules are made out of aluminum and are recyclable.

What is the warranty on the Diva?

2-year limited warranty