Introducing the only single-serve espresso with true italian taste

Count on Bialetti to capture the true italian passion for coffee. The I Caffe d’italia espresso system brings together decades of coffee-brewing experience with the latest in technology.

Our special coffee blends embody the authentic taste of different local traditions. This perfect combination of Bialetti expertise and innovationdelivers the ultimate in satisfaction.

milano - light roast

The Milanese tradition has a preference for an espresso that is never bitter, with a gentle body and delicate aroma. This 100% Arabica blend produces a coffee with a superior flavour, where the aromatic intensity of floral and fruity notes merge to reach a perfect balance of flavors, making every coffee break the occasion to get back into step.


Thanks to Arab influence, the city of Venice appreciates an espresso that has a slight bitterness, is round and slightly spicy. The light and even roast gives the Venice blend an intriguing and very pleasant scent of vanilla for an espresso with a naturally sweet flavour.


The Rome blend reflects the flavor of he Roman culinary tradition for an intensely-flavored espresso with a persistent aroma. The medium roast gives outstanding notes of cocoa and harmonious nuances of dried fruit, making this coffee excellent after meals.


The neapolitan taste in coffee is for an intense and dark espresso, with a profound flavor. For the neapolitans, coffee has to be strong and creamy, with that assertive flavor given by skillfully dark-roasted blends. The authoritative flavor of bitter cocoa and the masterly skill of Neapolotan baristas have contributed to creating the mythof this coffee renowned the world over.


Turin coffee is an elegant association of the typical acidity of Arabica blends with a great aromatic richness from the age-old chocolate-making tradition. The sensory influences of chocolate and the captivating scent of hazelnut envelope the flavor of the Turin blend, giving it a velvety body with overall harmony and refinement.


A decaffeinated coffee rich in aroma and with an enveloping structure without scarfing the pleasure of a real espresso thanks for a perfectly balanced blend of Arabica and Robusta varieties. The medium roast, together with the refined aromatic notes of cereals and toast, makes this coffee a pause of pleasure any time of day.


What is the Bialetti I caffè d’italia espresso system?

It's Bialetti's single-serve espresso system that includes the Mini Express machine and I caffè d’italia (Coffee of Italy) espresso capsules.

What kind of espresso coffee is available?

There are five authentic espresso flavors available Ð all representing a region of Italy. Milano is our mild roast, 100% Arabica blend. Venezia is a light roast with vanilla accents. Roma is our medium bodied roast with a bold rich taste. And Napoli is our full-bodied, more intense roast. And of course we offer a decaffeinated espresso called Italia Deca.

Where does the espresso come from?

The coffee beans are purchased around the world. Then they are roasted, ground and packed in Italy. It's truly Italian coffee.

What is the coffeeÕs shelf-life?

Bialetti I caffè d’italia is packed in aluminum capsules giving the coffee an extended shelf-life Ð up to 2 years.

Where else can I purchase espresso capsules?

Capsules can also be purchases at Bloomingdales stores, and

Does the Mini Express come with I caffè d’italian espresso capsules?

The machine comes with a starter pack of 10 capsules Ð 2 of each variety.

Does the Bialetti's I caffè d’italia espresso capsules work with other single-serve machine brands?

Bialetti's espresso capsules are only for use with the Mini Express and Diva single-serve machines.

Can a capsule brew more than one cup of espresso?

A single 7-gram capsule is designed to brew a single 2 oz. shot of espresso.

Is the coffee capsule packaging recyclable?

The capsules are make out of aluminum and are recyclable.